Unleash Your Greatness Conference

An empowering, interactive, conference
April 28 - 30, 2023, on the shores of Lake Erie in Ridgeway/Crystal Beach, Ontario at the beautiful, Buffalo Canoe Club.

Experience your power to shift from negativity to a state of peace and calm regardless of who you are dealing with or what is going on around you.

You won't want to miss this unique and powerful weekend of transformation guided by professional facilitators and speakers and designed to create a long-lasting, positive impact on your daily life.

You'll enjoy a weekend of relaxation, insightful activities, inspiring speakers, and interactive workshops.  

"If you’re like me, it was easy to be happy when things were going my way.  What I really wanted though, was something that worked not just during a meditation or yoga class,......but when fear had me by the neck and I could hardly breathe.

My clients and I  have been using, "The Alignment Strategy," to bring ourselves back into alignment during challenging circumstances. We were recognizing how the past was dictating how we felt, how we dealt with loved ones and was keeping us from aligning with our natural state of peace, calm, and happiness.  By using, "The Alignment Strategy," we learned how to transform those negative influences and shift how we felt and reacted.

  I have to say, nothing is more beautiful than watching someone step into their power and change how they feel. So... I designed this conference to do just that. I chose the most dynamic professional speakers, the perfect activities and venue, to enhance the Alignment and Self-Transformation process."  Lori Brant B.A., B.Ed.

You will learn to...

  • Tap into the dynamic, empowered person you are
  • Stop reacting to life and start embracing it 
  • Stop repetitive patterns 
  • Understand the cause of your stress and transform it 
  • Choose how you react to people and outside circumstances 
  • Shift to a state of peace and calm regardless of what is going on around you

So You Can...

  • Decrease your stress 
  • Stop worrying and start living 
  • Let go of the need to control and figure everything out 
  • Stop feeling scared
  • Stop letting your negative past influence your life
  • Stop letting others dictate who you are and what you are capable of

Speakers - (May change without notice)
for Full Bios,   click here

Lori Brant

B.A., B.ED., Certified Alignment Practitioner, Author of The Happiness Toolbox and The Alignment Strategy, Teacher, Alignment Coach and Trainer, Master Spirit Life Coach, Conference Creator and Facilitator

Gina Hatzis

Award-winning speaker, specializing in soulful leadership, conscious communication and epic empowerment, Author, Influencer, Conference Keynote

Amber Price

Psychic Mediums and Spiritual Educator, Clarity Coach, TV Personality, Author, Creator of Clarity Academy, Founder of The Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards 'The Halos', and Co-Founder of The Psychic Associates.

Lorree Appleby

Certified Radical Living Master Coach, Intuitive Energy Healer, Speaker & Game developer

Tanis Day PhD

Teacher, Trainer, Author, is the founder of  the School of Energy Enlightenment, has a PhD in Economics, skilled in spiritualism, Esoterism, Energy and Shamanism, and is a Conference Speaker.

Julie Boyse

Certified Alignment Practitioner, Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda Teacher, Conference Yoga Facilitator

Jennifer Davis

Entrepreneur, Exit Matters Creator, Career Coach, Life Celebrant and CDP, Conference Speaker

Amanda Dubois

CCA Certified Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Event Coordinator, Intuitive Psychic Medium, Empath, a Reiki, Aqualead & Queldon Master, Paranormal Investigator, Spiritual Educator, Conference Manager

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  • Friday Night Only
  • $69 CAD

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  • 2 Hour Workshop with Internationally renowned Speaker, Gina Hatzis
  • 5:30-7:00 Drinks and Food available for purchase
  • Lakeside Venue


The Venue

The Buffalo Canoe Club is located on the shores of Lake Erie, in Fort Erie Township, Niagara Region, Southern Ontario, Canada. This beautiful, lakefront facility is just 20 minutes from Niagara Falls and 10 minutes to the Peace Bridge to the USA. 


Within 10 minutes or less there are many airbnb's, Bed and Breakfasts, Crystal Beach Cafe Airbnb, Yellow Door B & B, Hotel Philco 

See below for special offers.

Accommodation Offers for Ticket Holders by Local Businesses

Crysal House - $375 weekend - includes cleaning fee, sleeps 8 - www.crystalcoasthouse.com
Crystal Beach Cottages - $50 off cottage with Discount UYG2023 - https://crystalbeachcottagerentals.ca
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Attendees Opened Their Hearts

I cannot say enough how much I still keep and use lessons from your conference now and how much I'm looking forward to the next one...you are such an inspiring soul and such a gift....thank you Lori!

I really am speechless! That was one hell of a conference. I'm so happy to be a part of it!  

Great resources, tools and speakers.  Please continue this! We would get something new out of it each year.  

I'm so glad I came. The speakers were all fabulous, the yoga was wonderful, the meditation sessions were simply amazing, the food was wonderful and Lori  was exceptional!!

The agenda was brilliant, well-paced, and the activities were superb. Lori, you're epic. I loved it!  

So amazing and magical, life-changing, actually. Amazing speakers, magical exercises and beautiful participants.  

Venue Address:
Buffalo Canoe Club
4475 Erie Rd, Ridgeway,
Ontario, Canada
L0S 1N0

Conference Coordinator:
Lori Brant