What if your thoughts are the cause of your stress or sadness?
    What if you had a strategy to prevent your thoughts from influencing how you feel and react in the present moment?   

After years of working on her limiting beliefs and working with clients, Lori Brant recognized patterns between limiting beliefs, emotions, and behaviors that often originated in childhood.    

She discovered that if left to its own devices, your mind will regurgitate the same old beliefs and behaviors by triggering patterns or what Lori calls LES Loops, that keep you confined to your limited perceptions or interpretations about reality. You begin overlooking the beauty in yourself and your relationships, the intentions behind your actions, and the beliefs that are fueling them. How you think, feel, and behave becomes automated.    

When your mind tunes into the thoughts or conversations in your head, it prevents you from tuning into the opportunities and possibilities being offered in the moment and draws you out of alignment. The Alignment Strategy helps to identify and transform those LES Loops, so you can consciously tune into the present moment without the influence of your past.    

The Alignment Strategy brings awareness to where and why the patterns were created and how they may be impacting your feelings and behaviors today. It also teaches you how to consciously change how you feel and react so that hanging out in old repetitive, negative thinking and emotions will be no longer acceptable.

Lori Brant discovered that by using the 9 Steps of The Alignment Strategy to transform LES Loops, she and her clients could reconnect with their true selves in the Alignment Zone. This is where the head and heart are aligned, and clarity becomes the foundation for growth, plans, and actions.

Are you being called to go inward and move past what keeps you separated from what is possible?

One way to experience all of who you are is to work on your limiting belief patterns and fearful projections of your future. The Alignment Strategy is a simple tool to help you do that.

"Lori knows and lives her powerful process."  ❤️D.K.

"Now I understand and am aware of how my thoughts formed and that is very pertinent to getting to this place. I am feeling a lot of compassion where there used to be anger." A.S.

The Happiness Toolbox: Finding happiness regardless of circumstances

It’s easy to be happy when things are going your way, but can you be happy when you are in the middle of a crisis? Absolutely.    

In the midst of a chronic illness and failed marriage, Lori Brant reached out for resources to help her move forward and found them lacking.    

She was doing what all the Positive Psychology and spiritual books told her to do, to think positively, meditate, eat right, repeat affirmations but inevitably, something beyond her control would happen and send her spiralling backward into chaos and depression.    

It felt like she was making changes on top of quicksand. There was something missing.        

As a Teacher and Life Coach, Lori Brant delivers a practical, step by step approach to breaking down vague concepts into practical applications and tools that the reader can use during times of chaos to sustain a state of happiness regardless of outside circumstances.

"Great book by Lori Brant I love how she has written this book with such thoughtfulness and practical “homework” to find happiness no matter your circumstances!"❤️😍😀 KB

"The Happiness Toolbox is not just another " How To " book. Lori courageously bares her soul to let us in on what she had to go through to get to where she is today. It was a book I found difficult to put down.  Being an avid reader all my life; this is a well-written book I highly recommend." J.B.