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Find Your Happy by aligning with your natural state of peace, calm, and happiness.

You have the ability to transform anything that keeps you from living aligned with your natural state of peace and calm.

The only thing keeping you from the happiness you crave, are the past connections you've made between your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours.

The ART of alignment helps to identify and transform those connections.

Lori Brant

Acceptance to me was synonymous with tolerance and if I was tolerating my life, I was not loving my life, and if I was not loving my life,

Lori Brant

Enlightenment is a moment to moment, state of awareness.

Lori Brant

If the mind is not in alignment with your heart it will see reality as something to be resisted, needing to change, and as separate from ...

Lori Brant

If I let go of control, my life will be one, big disaster.