What did people have to say?

Lori is an amazing leader, organizer, and visionary.  She always reflects upon important decisions before she takes action and does everything possible to ensure that those who join her in her endeavours will have the opportunity for personal, spiritual, and wholistic growth.  Her indomitable spirit attracts the best in others and she is an inspiration to all who have the privilege of knowing her. ​

Alan Steed B.Th.,PGCE, R.N.M.S.(U.K.), Reiki Master/Teacher

Lori is uniquely qualified and extremely gifted in bringing out what is troubling us. She sifts through our confusion and expresses clearly what we have a difficult time verbalizing. It takes a special type of person to be able to pinpoint and convey with words our inner feelings, emotions, desire, wishes, fears, etc. To put it simply, she will help you make sense of what is going on inside yourself. ​

Marcel Caron

Sometimes we look at something and our heart may tell us I want to go, but our head may tell you, but I don't know anyone. I can tell you from personal experience I thought that many years ago with a group Lori led in Barrie. I listened to my heart and went. If you want to go, it will be full of love and healing, and with Lori you will feel a sense of belonging the first time you meet her. I wish I lived closer.               


When you meet Lori you will understand why your life has been blessed in so many ways, for she is the Real Deal. ​​ ​

Hazel Burton, Ontario, Canada

I  am still amazed at how clear and spot on you are with your coaching.  I hope one day I'll rise up to that level of clarity and efficiency in coaching  ​

Kineret, Student Coach

Lori has a unique ability to empower others and helping them realize their highest potential. Her coaching style is a combination of highly developed teaching and leadership skills, a natural ability to listen and an authentic desire to help others.

Michaela Louisseize

OMG, thank you ever so much for your help with limiting beliefs!  It's actually an area that I'd truly love to help people with.  Your input was fantastic!!  I'm just in awe. That was all around just one limiting belief.   Thank you again . . . you are an amazing coach and trainer!!  


Thank you Lori. I enjoyed meeting you and learning from you.  You helped me learn so many life changing skills.  You have helped me become a better mother and a better person.  I will be forever grateful for your generosity. You are an amazing woman!  


What was quite valuable for me about Lori's style of coaching was that she showed a genuine sense of compassion and commitment in wanting to help people live life to their fullest potential. Thank you Lori.  

Cindy Scott

I felt like I needed a change, I tried other alternatives, I still felt lost, disconnected with life and my own thoughts. Meeting and personally connecting with Lori one to one  I developed skills, learned how to change old thought patterns and to truly connect with myself and others. I am truly grateful for meeting Lori she is an inspiration to me.  I recommend Lori's expertise to anyone looking to make a positive change in any area of their life.  
Val Harris

Connecting with Lori was a revelation, a highly charged transformative experience that had me melting in a flood of grati-tears by the end of the interview.  Lori believes how people respond / react to her showing up as her true divine self is none of her business. Her role is only to show up authentically and celebrate being herself. Lori finds that loving herself unconditionally, showing up as her true self saying, yay baby here I am is powerful and liberating. Whatever life throws up Lori doesn't question WHY ME ?? She only responds with YAY ME !!!!!

Enhanced by her teaching background Lori coaches people all over the world to unleash their greatness by delivering practical spiritual principles that helped her navigate her way through her dark night. Lori says there is no right or wrong way to respond to an experience, but if you are going to have that experience any way, would it not be more fun to love it. Lori also emphasizes the limitless possibilities one opens up to when in alignment as a tuning fork to the universe versus the isolated world we inhabit when not in alignment. She also teaches how to recognize the physical notifications of being in & out of alignment.


The Happiness Toolbox is not just another " How To " book. Lori courageously bares her soul to let us in on what she had to go through to get to where she is today. It was a book I found difficult to put down. While sharing her struggles with us Lori shares her techniques used to free herself and become the tower of strength she is today. We can all apply these simple and common sense techniques to help us become the positive and powerful beings we are all meant to be. Being an avid reader all my life; this is a well written book I highly recommend.


Lori is one of those exemplary people who will always stand out for who she is. I feel she has blessed so many people's lives during her years in Barrie with Manifesting the Connection, and continues doing so today. The group brought together so many people from all walks of life that had a common bond, to learn, heal and to be. I believe that many lives were enriched from the experiences they had with Lori Brant and Manifesting the Connection. I love Lori's book The Happiness Toolbox. It is who Lori IS and continues to BE. When you meet Lori you will understand why your life has been blessed in so many ways for she is the Real Deal. I know she will continue being successful in the Niagara Region and provide wonderful experiences that will continue to enrich ones life.  
Rev. Hazel E. Burton

I have witnessed the many individuals she has transformed and are on their paths of success. 4 years ago, for me personally, she taught me how to pay attention to my words, thoughts and reactions.

Yollanda Gallo

Lori shares her techniques used to free herself and become the tower of strength she is today. We can all apply these simple and common sense techniques to help us become the positive and powerful beings we are all meant to be.  

Joseph Bonneville

Lori is an inspiring woman who is awesome at facilitating groups of people, helping each person to discover their own spiritual pathway. She has a deep understanding of life at its different levels and intersperses gentle guidance with a compassionate sense of humour.    

During the years I worked with her from 2009, when she started an organization called, 'Manifesting the Connection', I witnessed how she became a catalyst for an explosion of a variety of spiritual awareness and development in the area, many of which are still growing today. Her wisdom and humility are an illumination for others.  

When I was directed to the group Manifesting the Connection by my employer, I went and immediately felt a part of the community, and with Lori's leadership, became an awakened consciousness, learning so many different paths and realizing so many gifts within my grasp. I am forever grateful to Lori for her part in my personal growth."