"Lori teaches us to open up where we have shut down, shed limiting beliefs and gently lead us to connect with the joyful potency and beauty that is our birthright."

Dr. Lucette Nadle

Doctor of Osteopathy

B.A., B.Ed., Author, ACC Life Coach Trainer and Mentor
2019 Coaching Professional Halo Award Winner
2020 Coaching Professional Halo Award Winner
2020 Spiritual Niagara Woman of Wisdom

My intention is to draw you inward to your natural state of peace, calm and happiness so you can live life from that centred space. Together, we’ll beckon your inner wisdom to speak loudly and boldly, transform what keeps you complacent or fearful and create new empowering strategies to keep you in alignment with your true self. The limiting beliefs that penetrate the deepest corners of your life can be eliminated.  I'd love to work with you one on one, and we can do that in person, by teleconference or over the phone.

You can also learn the masterful art of deep listening so you can identify the limiting beliefs that exist within you or your client by becoming a Certified Life Coach or Life Coach Practitioner with an ICF approved program. As your instructor, we'll explore the intricacies of a powerful coaching session, practice how to unearth limiting beliefs and develop the skills to draw your client inward to their inner knowing. 

                                                       With gratitude,

Areas of Expertise

Teaching, Training, Mentoring, Coaching, Identifying and Transforming Limiting Beliefs

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The Alignment Strategy

The Conference


Attend the Unleash Your Greatness Conference 2021 in person. 


Experience the 2019 Conference, "I Choose," with the On-Demand Video and Workbook/Journal version.

Unleash Your Greatness
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I Choose

Learn to draw your awareness inward and tap into your natural state of happiness and inner calm. A practical, reflective approach to personal transformation.

The Happiness Toolbox is not just another " How To " book. Lori courageously bares her soul to let us in on what she had to go through to get to where she is today. It was a book I found difficult to put down.  Being an avid reader all my life; this is a well written book I highly recommend.  J.B.

Coming Soon

The Happiness Coach Podcast with Host Lori Brant

Listen in on real coaching calls, interviews with leading experts and in-depth conversations about transforming limiting beliefs and the strategies that keep you from your natural state of peace and calm.

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