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28 Day Deep


2019 Coaching Professional Halo Award Winner
2020 Coaching Professional Halo Award Winner
2020 Spiritual Niagara Woman of Wisdom

Hi, I'm Lori


Are you looking for some peace, calm, and happiness?  I sure was.  I was tired of being told to "Be grateful" or "See the glass half full" to "Let it go" or "Change my thoughts" because, in the end, it didn't work. Deep down, I knew there had to be more to it than that, and there was.


As a Life Coach, I like to get to the root of stress and transform that.  Otherwise, it's like playing wack a mole. The stress moves around in different areas of our lives and constantly keeps us from the happiness we crave.

Coaching with me is not a passive, sit around and talk about it, hope it all works out process. It's more like a dig in, let's do this, rip the bandaid off and let the real healing begin, type of experience.

I'm known for quickly revealing my client's most intrusive negative beliefs in a single session and teaching them to do it too. This insight allows me to effectively help my client transform the original causes of their stress, eliminate their negative influence on their behaviour and choices, and opens them up to their natural state of peace, calm, and happiness.

Is that what you want?


Are you tired of talking about it and ready to get it done in 2022?


If so, let's chat.


With Gratitude,

"There are a lot of counselors, life coaches, mentors out there.  Lori is one of the best ones I have met and I say that without any hesitation. 


She is extremely relevant, supports you as you go through the process, sets you up for success and progress, will help you stay on track, will celebrate the steps you take and the good you feel, will empathize with the moments of worry, sadness, anger, confusion and everything else. 

Lori is truly a gifted human and a beautiful soul and if you trust that she absolutely has your best interest at heart. You will forever be grateful for having met her."  S.R.


Areas of Expertise

I am best known for my ability to quickly reveal my client's most intrusive negative beliefs in a single session. This insight allows me to effectively assist clients to transform the original cause of their discomfort and its ability to negatively influence their behaviours and choices. Guaranteed.

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“Lori is uniquely qualified and extremely gifted in bringing out what is troubling us. She sifts through our confusion and expresses clearly what we have a difficult time verbalizing.”

— Marcel Caron

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