10 Signs You Are NOT in Alignment

If the mind is not in alignment with your heart it will see reality as something to be resisted, needing to change, and as separate from your true

Living life outside of the Alignment Zone is not bad or wrong. It is an experience, and that experience is based on how your mind perceives it. Even though the mind creates separation by its perception of the world, the mind can align itself with your heart or the true essence of who you are. 

If the mind is not in alignment with your heart it will see reality as something to be resisted, needing to change, and as separate from your true nature. 

Your mind’s alignment with reality will ultimately determine your experience of it. 

10 Ways to Know You Are Not in Alignment? 

1. You often use negative words in discussions Words have the power to draw you out of alignment if you have had previous experiences that were negative and associated with those words, learned that the words were negative from others, or have unconsciously attached negative meaning to the terms. Any word that is not synonymous with your loving nature has the potential to draw you out of alignment. 

2. You experience negative emotions. Any negative emotion is a result of an active limiting belief, and if a limiting belief is active, you are not in alignment. A limiting belief is any belief that makes you believe you are less than who you really are or goes against your loving nature. 

3. You want reality to change so you can be happy. If you are trying to control outside circumstances or the behaviour of others so you can feel good, you’re out of alignment. 

4. You can’t stop worrying about the future. Worrying is a result of past negative experiences and beliefs being projected as a potential future outcome. Any projection of what might happen that creates discomfort within you moves you out of alignment. 

5. There is someone you can’t forgive. Seeing the faults in others or blaming them is a reflection of you not being in alignment. We don’t have to agree with what another person has done, but we can understand that what they have done is a result of their limiting beliefs and them not being aligned. 

6. You get annoyed. Any discomfort, anger, sadness, annoyance, shame, etc. are signs that you are not in alignment and that limiting beliefs are active. 

7. People are always hurting you. Perceiving how others are wrong, mean, or hurtful is a result of triggered limiting beliefs within you. We can be in the presence of people who behave in socially unacceptable ways and love them. It does not mean we love their socially unacceptable behaviours, but we understand that triggered limiting beliefs can result in them behaving differently than if they were aligned with their natural state of peace, calm, and happiness. 

8. You blame someone for how you are feeling. If you attribute your emotional pain to someone outside of you, you are out of alignment. How you feel has nothing to do with another person and everything to do with what you believe to be true. You are not in alignment if you’re in emotional pain. 

9. You have a wall up to protect yourself. If you have a wall up, your mind will filter everything outside of you as something that could be potentially dangerous.  If you believe you’ll be hurt, your mind will look for evidence that you are being hurt or could be hurt. If you think you are unsafe, your mind will look for evidence that you are unsafe. That process is what creates the hurt, not the outside circumstances or the people in your life. 

10. You defend how your actions, feelings, or thoughts as valid. You are out of alignment when you defend yourself, your beliefs, or your actions. If someone makes a suggestion and you experience discomfort, that is a sign that a limiting belief is active within you and you are out of alignment. You can have your own opinion and be peaceful and calm, regardless of the beliefs of others. If you are out of alignment, you can do something about it. You have the ability to transform anything that keeps you from living life from your natural state of peace and calm. 

The only thing keeping you from the happiness you crave are your LES Loops (limiting Beliefs, Emotions and Strategies that are connected from the past). The Alignment Strategy helps to transform LES Loops.