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Certified Alignment Practitioner-2023

Live Calls - Begins July 4, 2023 at 7pm Eastern

Many holistic practitioners effectively alleviate a client's stress or anxiety during a session but find their clients often struggle to maintain that change afterwards.

   As a Certified Alignment Practitioner you can help clients maintain peace and calm by transforming the thought patterns that prevent them from living life from their natural state every day. 

This certification program is for individuals who have taken the 28-Day Alignment Deep Dive or equivalent and have the desire to assist others to gain the same kind of insights and freedom.

Whether students choose to work with individuals, groups or work more intensely on themselves, this training will prepare practitioners to draw their clients inward and reveal the loops dictating their experiences today.

The Art of Alignment

The Art of Aligning with your natural state of peace, calm and happiness requires three things.

  1.  Awareness 
  2.  Revealing old thought patterns (LES Loops)
  3.  Transforming the thought patterns and their influence

1. Awareness

  • Students will learn and practice how to draw a client's Awareness to the thoughts they are thinking, the emotions and physical sensations they are feeling and the responses and behaviours they are engaging in.
  • Students will learn and practice how to draw their client's Awareness to who they really are.
  • Students will learn and practice how to draw their client's Awareness to the difference between the two.
  • Students will learn and practice how to encourage the client to use positive, aligned words to describe their thoughts, emotions and behaviours while aligned.
  • Students will learn and practice how to simplify the client's responses

2. Reveal

  • Students will learn and practice how to reveal limiting beliefs, negative emotions and old strategies.
  • Students will learn and practice how to use the alignment strategy to identify LES Loops.
  • Students will learn and practice how to find where the client's LES Loop originated.

3. Transform

  • Students will learn and practice how to expand a client's perception. 
  • Students will learn and practice how to assist a client to create new, life affirming beliefs that maintain their alignment

Students will also learn and practice how to use a foundational structure to keep client /practitioner sessions on track and avoid getting caught up in stories, getting off topic or chasing too many trains of thought.

  • Practice using questions to get clients to go inward
  • Practice identifying when a client is focussing outward
  • Practice deep listening and develop your intuition as a practitioner
  • Practice guiding a client inward when they are resistant
  • Learn and practice trusting yourself as an Alignment Practitioner and your ability to guide a client through the Art of Alignment.
  • Learn and practice techniques to confirm perceptions and make their client feel heard

What Can I Expect?

  • Each student will be mentored by Lori Brant, author of The Alignment Strategy. She is a Certified Teacher and Life Coach with hundreds of hours of experience working directly with clients
  • Lori will meet with Alignment Practitioner Students for 16 weeks, for 1.5 hours over zoom starting July 4, 2023 at 7 pm  
  • Lori will meet with Alignment Practitioner students privately for 2 - 1 hour sessions (To be arranged with students after 6-8 weeks)
  • Lori will meet with Alignment Practitioner students monthly, 1 hour for 4 months after the 16 weekly sessions to take questions or deal with any challenges students are having
  • Students have access to over 9 hours of video lessons created from live sessions with clients 
  • Students will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the program
  • Upon successful completion of the program students can choose be affiliated with the Certified Coaches Alliance

Lori Brant brings both her Teaching and Coaching Expertise to this one of a kind certification program delivering a professional, insightful, structured and dynamic approach to working with clients.

After years of training, teaching and applying the principles in her own life, she has created The Alignment Strategy, a hands on, practical approach to working with clients.  This easy to follow, structured strategy and step by step training, gives graduates the confidence and skills to work with clients even before they complete the program.


Students must have previously participated in and completed either the 
Transformational One on One Coaching Package  Conference/Deep Dive Package (contact Lori for details)

Recommended but not required
Become certified as a Coach Practitioner or equivalent.
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Course Requirements

Successful Candidates will have completed the following:

  • Viewed weekly video lessons  
  • Attended one and a half  hour Zoom classes each week for 16 weeks with Lori
  • Mentored 5-10 individuals using the Alignment Strategy.
  • Recorded and submitted 2 mentoring sessions for peer review
  • Recorded and submitted 3 mentoring sessions for Lori to review 
  • Completed all curriculum activities on student dashboard

"This has been an amazing experience, not only can I now guide myself through uncomfortable feelings that come up, more smoothly, I can also help to use this process to guide others to do it too!  This program wasn't like any other certification I have taken.  

 I have learned so much more about myself by taking this program and so many things have shifted in my life.

 I am truly grateful for Lori and sharing her wisdom and tools she has used to become one of the happiest people I know.  

 I would totally recommend this course for anyone wanting to help make a change in people's lives."

"The Alignment Strategy came into my life in perfect timing.

 I was undergoing through major transitions from retiring from a job of 22 years, getting a new job, moving to a new place and nurturing a new relationship.

 The Alignment Strategy taught by a compassionate and generous teacher has served as my anchor and my center.

 Thank you Lori for the gift of "ultimate love" which came through your teachings."

 Learning to use the Alignment Strategy in my own life helped me identify the root causes of my present suffering and self imposed limitations.

 Once I saw where "it all began" I was eventually able to take responsibility for how I was feeling in the moment and transform how I was feeling.  

 The closer and closer I became to true emotional freedom, the more I wanted to show others how to do the same.""

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