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Unleash Your Greatness

Weekend Conference

An empowering, interactive conference May 1,2,3, 2020 in Ridgeway (Crystal Beach), Ontario. Located on the shores of Lake Erie at the beautiful, Buffalo Canoe Club, you'll enjoy a weekend of relaxation, insightful activities,  inspiring speakers and interactive workshops.  

Early Bird Discounts available.

Unleash Your Greatness

1 Day Workshop

Transform the lives of those in your community or place of business by hosting a one day, Unleash Your Greatness Workshop. We will supply all the materials and deliver a seamless workshop helping attendees to connect with their natural state peace and calm, regardless of outside circumstances.

Speaking Engagements

Spiritual Excellence Halo Awards

Sept. 28, 5:30 pm Holiday Inn,

St. Catharines, Ontario

Coaching Professional
Award Winner

Spiritual Niagara's Author Night

Sept. 26, 7:00-9:30pm, Black Sheep Lounge 64 Niagara St. Welland

Elevate Your Life

Sept. 28, 11-5 pm, The Sanctuary

Ridgeway, Ontario

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