Are you sick and tired of being stressed out and seeing the world as something to deal with or handle?


Are you tired of taking one step forward, only to land two steps back because life appeared to be constantly dealing you a bad hand? 


Are you looking for a better way to experience life?


What if instead of dealing with life, you were dancing, growing, and expanding with it?


What if instead of handling life, you were present, engaged, and able to see the gifts it had to offer?

That’s what brought me to this work.


I recognized that if I wanted a different experience than the one I was having, I would have to change what created the experience in the first place.


I’m not talking about changing what was happening outside of me, my circumstances, or the people in it.


I couldn’t control those things.


I could control the automatic, emotionally charged thought patterns, or limiting beliefs, that were continually dictating my perception and experience in the present moment.


It is absolutely possible for you to enjoy and embrace life even during the most challenging of circumstances.  I know it is because I did it.


I lived for over thirty years in a constant state of fear, pain, and stress after life dealt me one bad hand after another, and I was exhausted.


Here is the thing. If you want to change how you feel, you’ve got to do the inner work. You’ve got to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. Otherwise, the limiting beliefs are going to continue to dictate your responses and your experiences.


When I first began this work, I couldn’t imagine how I was going to learn something new because I felt utterly depleted.


But now, looking back, I wish I could whisper in the ear of my younger self and say,


“Thank you. I’m so grateful you dared to take that first step. You opened me up to a state of peace, calm, and happiness that I never knew existed.  I can’t imagine what my life would be like if you never did that inner work.  I am so grateful for the opportunities you opened me up to, the laughter I can’t help indulge in, and the pure joy of being alive.”


So, let me whisper in your ear now.


“Your future self could be experiencing life in a completely different way than how you are experiencing it now because of the inner work you’re about to do.


Are you ready to do this?


This course is an introductory, step-by-step guide to begin transforming your limiting beliefs so you can embrace reality just as it is, without the emotional baggage of your past or fears of the future.



 Your future self will thank you.

"This is an amazing program. Your self-esteem, confidence, passion, determination...everything - goes way up!!!  If you know me, you know I'm not going to recommend something that is crap.  THIS is not crap - it's something you probably need, but don't know yet...opens your mind and gets your true self out." S.R.


What will I learn?


A limiting belief is a thought that you believe to be true and/or restricts your perception.

You know a limiting belief is active when you experience negative emotions like sadness, anger, or frustration. Even the slightest form of discomfort physically is letting you know that you have a limiting belief that has been triggered within you.


By becoming aware of the limiting belief, the negative emotion, and the connections between them, you can begin to transform the automatic, habitual reactions that no longer serve you. Once the pattern is interrupted, you’ll be calm. 


After completing this course, you can expect to:

  • Find yourself using positive words

  • You’ll be more open to seeing situations positively

  • You’ll begin to see how you can feel happy regardless of what is going on

  • You’ll feel less stressed  

  • ​You’ll be more present in the moment and less focussed on the past or the future

  • You’ll feel your power and recognize your loving nature

  • You’ll feel more open

  • You’ll feel inspired

  • You’ll feel more loving to yourself and others


During this video course, you will...


  • Emerge yourself in self-discovery, self-reflection, and contemplation.

  • Experience awareness and how it brings choice to your experiences.

  • Experience the difference between stressful sensations and peaceful sensations during regular, everyday activities

  • Experience your natural state of peace, calm, and happiness

  • Experience your power to change stressful sensations to peaceful sensations

  • Experience your power to observe your reactions and bring choice to how to respond

  • Explore what skills, gifts, qualities, and areas of personal growth are waiting to evolve within you

  • Identify how shifts in awareness dictate reactions and responses.

  • Learn and experience how loving yourself completely comes from disengaging from the mind’s projection of lack

  • Learn how to question and transform limiting beliefs.

  • Learn how to respond from a state of peace and calm, regardless of circumstances

  • Learn how to transform stress

  • Learn how you can live predominantly from your natural state of peace and calm and say goodbye to anger, frustration, sadness

  • Learn to choose how you think, feel, act, and respond.

  • Learn to empower your positive beliefs or perceptions.

  • Meditate

  • Observe and identify shifts in awareness.

  • Observe and identify, emotional, mental, and physical signs and sensations when awareness shifts within you.

  • Practice Chair Yoga

  • Practice identifying and bringing conscious awareness to negative perceptions or limiting beliefs within you that operate unconsciously.

  • Practice moving awareness inward and shifting attention.

  • Practice using your senses to recognize limiting beliefs

  • Recognize and break out of what is keeping you on autopilot or living a dull and predictable life.

  • Recognize and build powerful vocabulary in alignment with your greatness

  • Recognize how attachment to thoughts draws you away from your natural state of greatness, peace, and calm.

  • Recognize how stress shows up mentally, emotionally, and physically

  • Recognize the mind’s illusion of lack and how it surfaces in multiple areas of your life if left unchecked

  • Recognize the motivation behind your behaviour, thoughts, and actions

  • Recognize when your thinking is creating stress

  • Reconnect with your inner joy and learn how to stay there

  • Tune in and tap into your natural state of greatness so you are open to new ideas, experiences, and opportunities.

  • Understand how shifts in awareness determine your experience.

  • Understand how you determine how you feel, think act, and respond.

  • Use empowering positive words, vocal tone, repetition, and enthusiasm to draw awareness inward