Transforming Your Limiting Beliefs

This course is facilitated by the author of "The Happiness Toolbox," to help individuals find inner calm when real life happens. This prerecorded course is about creating a new habit of peace and happiness so that it becomes your every day, state of being. Some of the topics covered include;

  •   Spiritual, Mental and Physical awareness

  •   Identifying stressful thoughts and belief patterns

  •   Impact of thinking (positive and negative thoughts) on        physical, mental, 

  •   emotional and spiritual states.

  •   Questioning and Transforming your negative thoughts 

  •   Learn to use negative responses as a gateway to              transformation

  •   Identify how exaggerated responses influence the present    moment 

  •   Learn how to bring choice into reactions

  •   How to open your perspective to see solutions and            possibilities

  •   Learn how to change the way you feel right now.

  •   Creating positive belief patterns

  •   Tools for transforming thoughts in the moment