An empowering, interactive, conference April 30 - May 2, 2021, in Ridgeway/Crystal Beach, Ontario.

Located on the shores of Lake Erie at the beautiful, Buffalo Canoe Club, you'll enjoy a weekend of relaxation, insightful activities, inspiring speakers, and interactive workshops.  

Attend in Person Or Online

(Social distancing)

You will learn to

So you can

  • Stop reacting to life and start embracing it

  • Stop repetitive patterns

  • Understand the cause of your stress and be able to transform it

  • Learn to bring choice to how you respond and react to people and your circumstances
  • Experience your power to shift to a state of peace and calm regardless of what is going on around you

  • Decrease your stress

  • Stop worrying and start living

  • Let go of the need to control and figure everything out

  • Stop letting the past dictate your future

  • Stop letting the past dictate who you are and what you are capable of

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  • Lori Brant Main Facilitator for Unleash Your Greatness Conference

    Lori BrantB.A. B.Ed

    Author, Teacher, ACC Life Coach, M.S.L.C., Conference Facilitator

  • Odette Peek Keynote Speaker

    Odette Peek

    Public Speaker, Business Consultant, Entrepreneur, Conference Keynote

  • Gina Hatzis Keynote

    Gina Hatzis

    Public Speaker, Author, Influencer, Conference Keynote

  • Julie Boyse Yoga Facilitator

    Julie Boyse

    Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda Teacher,

    Conference Yoga Facilitator

  • Jennifer Davis

    Jennifer Davis HBBA

    Entrepreneur, Exit Matters Creator, Career Coach, Life Celebrant and , CDP, Conference Speaker

  • Amber Price Speaker

    Amber Price

    Psychic Medium, Spiritual Growth Coach, Conference Speaker

  • Amanda Dubois Speaker

    Amanda Dubois

    Psychic Medium, Reiki Practitioner, Conference Speaker

  • Lorree Appleby Speaker

    Lorree Appleby

    Life Coach, Reiki Practioner, Author, Game Creator, Conference Speaker

  • Tanis Day Speaker

    Tanis Day PhD.

    Teacher, Trainer, Author

    Conference Speaker

Ticket Packages

Package A

VIP Full Weekend

with Accommodations


  • 2 Lunches

  • Exclusive Dinner with Speaker Panel

  • VIP Tables and Special Swag

  • Conference Materials, Bag, Pen, Journal and more

Package B

VIP Full Weekend


  • 2 Lunches

  • Exclusive Dinner with Speaker Panel

  • VIP Tables and Special Swag

  • Conference Materials, Bag, Pen, Journal and more

Package C

Full Weekend

2 Lunches


  • 2 Lunches

  • Conference Materials, Bag, Pen, Journal and more

Package D

Full Weekend

No Meals


  • Conference Materials, Bag, Pen, Journal and more

Package E

Full Weekend



  • Streamed event

  • Interactive

  • Includes Conference Materials, Bag, Pen, Journal shipped to residents of Canada and USA only.


Friday, April 30

7:00 pm

Friday evening two, dynamic, professional speakers, will grace the stage. These fabulous speakers will each share their own, unique story about how they stepped into their greatness by aligning with their true selves. 

Odette Peek

Odette Peek has a B.A., Clinical, and Social Psychology and has spoken on hundreds of stages, including TEDx, as well as been a guest on popular podcasts including Entrepreneur on Fire and television shows like NBC’s Real Talk. She has also been nominated three years in a row for the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award (2015, 2016, 2017).

Gina Hatzis

A recovering CP24 journalist, she's spent the past 20+ years as an International Corporate and Public Speaker teaching authentic leadership, communication, intuition, and body love. She’s also a Women's Empowerment Advocate, Facebook blogger, and global host of her new podcast, Spiritual G Spot.

She is also the spearhead and co-visionary for the Too Much Woman Movement, a platform for women across the globe to shine fully in their glory. Her video, which sparked the movement, has had a reach of over 30 million views worldwide on Goalcast!

Saturday, May 1

9:00 am to

4 pm

On Saturday, you'll begin unleashing your greatness in the main building, where floor to ceiling windows let the beauty and cool breeze from Lake Erie seep within. Every activity and speaker has been thoughtfully organized and specifically chosen to gently guide you inward. We'll connect the wisdom of the mind and body, participate individually, and in small and large groups.

  • Lori Brant - What is Alignment?

    • How do you know you are aligned?

    • Resistance and Seeking

  • Tanis Day - Energetic explanation and activities to sense alignment

  • Lori Brant - LES Loops - What keeps you from your alignment with your natural state

  • Julie Boyse - Chair Yoga - Bringing awareness to our body

  • 3- Course Dinner and Speaker Panel for VIP Ticket Holders

  • Amber Price and Amanda Dubois - Platform mediumship (Bonfire on the Beach weather permitting)

Sunday, May 2

9:00 am to

4 pm

On Sunday, you'll continue to go inward, engage in more individual, small group, and large group activities to anchor the new learning making it more relevant and impactful when you return to your day-to-day life. By the end of the conference, you will be able to identify what draws you out of alignment, the impact of that, and how to draw yourself back. You will have learned and practiced how to tune into your natural state of peace and calm and be able to apply that during real-life challenges.

  • Lori Brant - Alignment Activity 

    • 9 Steps to bring yourself back into Alignment

    • Developing Alternate Perceptions

  • Lorree Appleby - The Soul Adventure Game

  • Jennifer Davis - What really matters

  • Lori Brant - Self Talk and Alignment

    • Finding the first LES Loop and Transforming it

    • Rewrite Your Story

Attendees Opened Their Hearts

I cannot say enough how much I still keep and use lessons from your conference now and how much I'm looking forward to the next are such an inspiring soul and such a gift....thank you Lori!

Sonja Regier

I really am speechless! That was one hell of a conference. I'm so happy to be a part of it!  

J. Anderson

Great resources, tools and speakers.  Please continue this! We would get something new out of it each year.  

S. R.

I'm so glad I came. The speakers were all fabulous, the yoga was wonderful, the meditation sessions were simply amazing, the food was wonderful and Lori  was exceptional!! 

The agenda was brilliant, well-paced, and the activities were superb. Lori, you're epic. I loved it! 

So amazing and magical, life-changing, actually. Amazing speakers, magical exercises and beautiful participants. 



Jennifer Williams

Are you in Alignment? 

10 Signs That You Are In Alignment

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