The Alignment Deep Dive is a 28-day transformational program where you’ll learn and practice how to shift yourself from states of fear, sadness, or overwhelm to a state of peace, calm, and happiness.

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Begins February 1, 2022 at 10:00 AM Eastern on Zoom, every day for 28 days.
Only accepting 10 participants.
Can't make a class?  No problem. Recordings of each class are made available to participants.

Many people are struggling to maintain their inner joy, let go of worry or move peacefully through daily challenges.


They have found that during the pandemic buried, negative

emotions have been surfacing making them sluggish,

short-tempered, and less motivated at work.


They are frustrated and tired.


You can imagine how shocked my clients were to discover

that it was not the pandemic that was causing their stress.


One sure way to Find Your Happy again is to transform

what’s really causing those negative emotions to surface and eliminate their influence.


Because…if you don’t deal with the cause, the fear or sadness will keep coming up over and over again, impacting how you feel and respond and will continually stifle the long-lasting happiness you crave.


In the 28-Day Alignment Deep Dive Program, you will learn how to identify the cause of your stress and eliminate its influence so you can embrace new opportunities fearlessly, experience joy every day, and move through challenges like a pandemic - cool as a cucumber.


The regular price of 28 hours of one-on-one coaching sessions with Lori would be $3640 but you can….

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This program is for those who

…… are tired of feeling sad and worried

…… want the changes they make to stick

…… are tired of waiting for the Pandemic to end to feel good

…… want a Limiting Belief Expert to help them identify and eliminate the real causes of stress and their power to make them feel bad.

Do you lack the ability to make long-lasting change, maintain your state of joy, or get back to feeling good when life throws you a curveball?

You’ll work with me and a small group of like-minded people each day to break through barriers or habitual patterns of thought that trigger buried emotions.  You’ll dive deep to reveal your own patterns and learn to see the patterns active in others too.

That’s the benefit of the 28-Day Deep Dive.

You’ll develop the skills to challenge any negative pattern as it arises before you become stressed or 

react negatively in the moment because of it.

One of the biggest challenges my clients faced when trying to make emotional shifts was that they knew there was an old negative pattern active within them but couldn’t figure out what it was and felt powerless to do anything about it.


They knew it was possible to shift from anger, sadness, and frustration to a state of peace and calm, but didn’t know how to do it.


During the 28-Day Alignment Deep Dive, I will teach you how to emotionally shift back to a state of peace and calm and you’ll practice how to do that yourself.   That way, after 28 days, you’ll be able to do it on your own. 

What if you could experience something like the pandemic and maintain your state of peace and happiness?


What if happiness was within your control and you had the skills to maintain it?


What if I said that you have everything you need, right now to feel good?

Are you ready to Find Your Happy


Are you ready to take a deep dive into your life to transform your habit of seeking happiness outside of yourself and begin to intentionally influence your mental, emotional and physical state NOW?


For 28 days, you’ll work with me and a small group of fellow deep divers, for an hour each day as you practice recognizing and transforming old, habitual patterns within yourself and in others.  That way you’ll gain the experience of recognizing when you are in alignment with your natural state of peace and calm, when you are moving out of it and how to bring yourself back into alignment when you’ve caught yourself out of it.


I’ll be there for you….every day for 28 days.

The regular price for 28 hours of coaching would cost $3640

…but secure 1 of the 10 spots available

in this one of a kind, Deep Dive Program for just $497+HST

Can't make it to all 28 Days? No problem. You'll have access to all 28 audio recordings of the live calls.

It’s your birthright to live life happily, peacefully, and calmly.
I’ll show you how to stay out of your mind’s drama and empower yourself to move through challenges easily, and effectively.

Why Trust Me?


1. I use “The Alignment Strategy,” every day

If you’re like me, it was easy to be happy when things were going my way.  What I really wanted was something that worked when fear had me by the neck and I could hardly breathe. 

Not just during a meditation or yoga class.


If I get frustrated being in a wheelchair or scared when I get stuck and no one is around, I use the Alignment Strategy to stay Aligned with my natural state of peace and calm.  It works.


2.   I’ve got the expertise.


I have worked with Limiting Beliefs and Negative Thought Patterns for 20 years and wrote two books, The Happiness Toolbox: Finding happiness regardless of circumstances and The Alignment Strategy.


I’ve won multiple awards for coaching and earned a B.A. in Psychology and Education too. 


What really counts, is that I have worked with hundreds of clients and helped them learn how to shift back to their natural state of peace, calm, and happiness.

That's my passion.

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3. My clients and students get results


Nothing is more frustrating than taking a course, getting really excited about what you’ve learned but not being able to effectively implement it in your own life. The 28-Day Alignment Deep Dive ensures that you can confidently continue the strategy on your own as I do. 


For an hour, every day for 28 days, I’ll be there.  Even if you feel like you don’t have anything to work on, you can observe as I work with others and bring more awareness to patterns that may be operating, without you or your fellow deep divers realizing it. 

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4. I stand behind the program and guarantee results.


I guarantee you’ll see real, positive, life-affirming changes in your life.

You’ll be living more in alignment with your natural state of peace, calm,

and happiness every day.


You’ll have the skills and strategies needed to intentionally make that shift if

you choose to do so.


If during the 28-Day Program, you are not feeling more peaceful, calm, and happy simply email me by the end of the 28 days and I’ll refund every penny you paid.


You’ll be able to shift how you feel or you can have your money back.  No hassles either, simply send an email to BY THE END OF THE 28 Day Program and I will process your refund on the next business day.


You've got nothing to lose... the risk is all mine. 

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Lots of people want to feel better, they’ve read the books, attended the workshops, go to the conferences and some are even teaching classes about it but they themselves still can’t seem to shift how they feel and make it stick.


Especially when things get tough.


They are missing the most important part of the whole process. They are not transforming the root cause.


If you have a leak in the roof, it doesn’t matter how many times you wipe up the water or put a bucket under it, it won’t stop leaking.  You’ve got to deal with the root cause of your stress to maintain an emotional shift to peace, calm, and happiness.


The Alignment Strategy™ helps identify the root cause of stress, frustration, irritation, anger and unhappiness and eliminates its effects.


What’s the result of using The Alignment Strategy?  A situation that once caused anxiety and stress no longer does so. Instead, you find yourself observing the drama rather than being in it while maintaining a state of calm.  It’s no longer your circus.


What do you get?


One hour every day I’ll be available on a Zoom call. That helps you be accountable to ensure long-lasting change.  It also helps if you’re stuck.  You don’t have to wait a week or two to figure it out.

You'll learn about and practice isolating the old belief patterns triggering negative emotions.

You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge and you can’t acknowledge something that you don’t know exists. 



Having a tool like The Alignment Strategy ensures that you have a simple technique to find the negative pattern or root cause for your stress.


You'll learn how to transform those patterns.


Instead of just trying to be happier than you are now, we’ll transform what creates the sadness in the first place.  We’ll fix the roof.


You’ll learn and practice The Alignment Strategy so you’ll be able to shift how you feel in real life and not just during meditation or yoga class. It’s absolutely imperative that you can shift when you’re stressed or unhappy and not just when life is going well for you.

This program is NOT for those who

  • Want to keep feeling stressed and unhappy

  • Want to talk about how bad they feel with friends and family

  • Want to talk about how the pandemic is responsible for how they feel

  • Are not ready to take responsibility for how they feel or behave

  • Are not willing to spend an hour a day for 28 days to empower themselves to shift how they feel.

This program IS for those who

  • Want to feel peaceful, calm, and happy

  • Want to share their peace and calm with friends and family

  • Want to talk about how they took responsibility for their experience and are thriving because of it

  • Want to break the negative patterns so they don't pass them on to their children

  • Want healthy happy relationships with those they love

  • Are willing to spend 28 hours transforming the patterns that keep them from loving themselves wholly and completely just as they are

I am only accepting 10 motivated individuals serious about changing how they feel, right now. 

Are you ready to secure your spot?

Begins February 1, 2022, at 10 AM Eastern Time