Lori Brant


 Lori Brant is a Teacher, Author of "The Happiness Toolbox," Speaker, ACC Life Coach and Life Coach Trainer and Mentor of ICF approved programs who helps people create a new strategy of tapping into their natural state of inner peace and calm, instead of having to rely on outside circumstances. Lori Brant is passionate about empowering people and supporting them as they challenge their way of thinking and how they move through the world. Lori teaches from experience, knows what works and continually searches for new, easier ways to break down mental and emotional barriers that limit an individual's ability to live from a state of peace. Lori Brant's other credentials include a Bachelor of Psychology, Bachelor of Education, Master of Metaphysics, Certified as a Master Spirit Life Coach, and Ordained Metaphysical Minister. Other training includes completion of the Nine Day School of the Work, with Byron Katie, Los Angeles, CA, Primordial Sound Meditation, Chopra University, Carlsbad, CA., Ayurveda, Chopra University, Carlsbad, CA., Reiki Part 1 and 2. Web: www.LoriBrant.comFacebook

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Gina Hatzis

Keynote Speaker

Gina dreams of a world filled with people living courageously, vibrantly and intentionally, where women can confidently SHINE in their truth and where busting a random dance move in public becomes socially acceptable.

A recovering CP24 journalist, she's spent the past 20+ years as an International Corporate and Public Speaker teaching authentic leadership, communication, intuition, and body love. She’s also a Woman's Empowerment Advocate, Facebook blogger and global host of her new podcast, Spiritual G Spot.

She is also the spearhead and co-visionary for the Too Much Woman Movement, a platform for women across the globe to shine fully in their glory. Her video, which sparked the movement, has had a reach of over 12 million views worldwide in just 3 weeks on Goalcast! Gina resides in Toronto, Ontario. Facebook



Tanis Day


Tanis Day, PhD, has been an energy healer and spiritual teacher since the 90s,. She studied extensively, including energy healing, energetic awareness, nature connection, shamanic practices, Sufism and the mystical path of surrender. She completed a four-year program to become a Certified Advanced Energy Healer in 2001. Before that she was a feminist professor of economics at Queen`s University and is internationally known for her pioneering work measuring the economic costs of violence against women and children. 

Tanis has a profound gift for perceiving energy fields and teaches others how to perceive energies as well. She teaches a two year program to attain personal and spiritual mastery through energy awareness at her School of Energy Enlightenment  in Kitchener. Her unusual blend of spiritual depth and intellectual rigour makes her teachings grounded, simple to understand, and applicable to every person. She meets each student as they are, helping them to develop their own unique talents and higher purpose. She is a friendly and engaging teacher, and her classes are filled with laughter and stories from her life as a single mother of four, writer, seeker, entrepreneur and sacred activist. 

The foundation of Tanis's work is available in her book, The Whole You: Healing and Transformation through Energy Awareness.

Lorree Appleby

Lorree Appleby


After losing her identity from years of people pleasing, Lorree Appleby took ownership of her life and a risk by exploring her spirituality and entrepreneurship. More years of researching, training and massive personal growth led Lorree to radically forgiving her past and taking her power back in her present. Her journey to finding her truth led her to helping others do the same by educating and guiding them to open and heal their hearts and live with expanded awareness and soul purpose in a gentle and permanent way.


Personally trained by Colin Tipping, Founder and Director of the Institute for Radical Forgiveness, Inc., Lorree is a certified Radical Living Master Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Intuitive Energy Healer, Reiki Level 2 Practitioner, Speaker, Author and Creator of Soul Adventure Journey to the Real Me, a self-care game where you use your energy, intuition and inspired action to create clarity, transformation and magic in your life!


Julie Boyse

Yoga Facilitator

Julie acquired her Yoga Certification through Sivananda Yoga in Montreal after practicing in Iceland, India and Costa Rica. She trained with Swami Mahesh and Lalita, students of the Master teacher Swami Satyananda. Julie received 200 hours of teacher training, based on the ancient gurukula system of India where teacher and student live together in a traditional Ashram.  Julie interacted with the dedicated teachers and was immersed in the yogic lifestyle.  She continues to train as a disciple with Swami Mahesh both in Canada, India and other parts of the world in areas of Ayruveda, Yoga and Meditation.  Julie is a recognized Therapeutic Touch Practitioner and teaches Yoga and Meditation throughout the Niagara Region. She also invites those who are interested to join her on retreats to India to deepen their Yoga and Meditation practices, or understanding of Ayruveda. Julie’s warm and gentle approach comforts those new to meditation and her expertise and knowledge serves to challenge seasoned practitioners. Julie Resides in Fort Erie, Ontario. Facebook

Amber Price

Amanda Price

Evening Platform Medium

Amber will be a part of our VIP Panel discussion and will be doing platform mediumship around the campfire Saturday evening with Amanda Dubois. 

As a Medium, Amber can communicate with those that have passed over, as well as guides and angels delivering intuitive messages. Psychic messages, including current and future events, are also available and may naturally be communicated during a Medium Reading.


As long as Amber can remember she was always aware of spirit and that has developed, over the years, to become what it is today! She can remember as a child always thinking she was not alone in the room, talking to people that others knew had passed over, noticing signs and symbols from 'someone'. This never seemed unusual to her, even today she thinks to herself "Why didn't I question this? Why did it seem normal? Why didn't I need anyone to explain this to me?"

It wasn't until an event occurred in her early adulthood that she knew she had to use her abilities to help other people. If she could use her experiences to let someone else know that they are not alone, that no one is perfect, and that there are people who will help others no matter what they have experienced or what decisions they have made, then she feels that this is what she is meant to do, and will do it!


In addition to providing readings and coaching others to develop their own intuitive skills or coaching others to help them discover their purpose and live to the highest level of fulfillment, her and her husband are raising five children, and our beloved feline fur babies! Through those experiences in her life, her angels have lead her to offer "Discover ~ Parent with Spirit" and "Explore & Enhance your Spirituality" Programs. Additionally, Amber provides Reiki treatments to benefit the body, mind, spirit. Her family has always been her biggest support and encourages her Spiritual Journey, Being truly grateful for them, they make it possible for her to do what she does ~ helping others. 



Amanda Dubois

Evening Platform Medium

Amanda will be a part of our VIP Panel discussion and will be doing platform mediumship around the campfire Saturday evening with Amber Price. 


Amanda Dubois is a Psychic Medium whose messages are always direct, insightful and offer guidance and support. Amanda has been in multiple platform settings and loves connecting and sharing what she gets from Spirit. She knows that everything we need comes from within and is grateful for her relationship with Spirit in helping you find your inner peace.

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