Working Towards Goals and Staying Present Simultaneously

One of the biggest challenges I have experienced is trying to remain in a state of flow, or allowing, while simultaneously, setting goals and doing whatever was needed to be done to achieve those goals. The challenge was, that it seemed impossible to do them simultaneously.

Our society constantly reminds us how we need to have goals to challenge ourselves, to grow and to evolve as individuals. As a Life Coach, it is the very thing I am trained to do. I help people identify what it is they want, help them carve out a goal and work with them to achieve that goal. I have found however, that working only towards the goal can result in an empty victory.

The very act of goal setting draws your awareness outward, to the future because it is usually done from the position that to be where you are, have what you have, to be doing what you are doing is not good enough or could be better. That analysis originates from the ego because by judging, or comparing our present experience to an imagined future experience, we are drawing our awareness outward and out of alignment.

How do we stay present, in the flow and allow, while at the same time, project into the future and set goals?

How do we maintain a state of gratitude for what is, and at the same time, want something different?

A more important question is, “Why do we want what we want?”

I have found that most clients want what they want because they want to FEEL a certain way. They are hoping that if they achieve their goal they will FEEL successful, safe, appreciated, admired, proud, confident or maybe free. The list is endless. What I have also found, is that the way they hope to feel when they achieve their goal can indicate that a potential limiting belief may be active and creating a barrier for the client to move forward or preventing them from being in alignment and in the flow with life.

As a Life Coach, I believe it is important to equally explore with the client how to move forward to achieve their goals, but also, to explore how they can feel the way they want to feel, now, in the present moment, and, as separate from the goal. That way they can bring themselves into alignment, feel the way they want to feel now, in the moment, and still work towards their goal. By staying in alignment and in the flow with the Universe, they keep themselves open to the infinite possibilities and solutions that are always available to them and can also tune into their inner wisdom.

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