What's The Point?

Updated: May 28, 2018

Why bother? Why work on limiting beliefs or the emotions attached to them if you end up feeling bad,..and stuck,... and unhappy while doing it? Is it not better to think positively and repeat affirmations until whatever bothers you passes and you can get on with your life?

Resisting, and ignoring limiting beliefs or projections may be keeping you from some of the most intimate experiences of your life.

Imagine having a pure, unobstructed moment, void of influences from the past and limiting expectations of the future. Imagine having a profound meditative experience, completely awake, eyes wide open while physically, mentally and emotionally engaged in what's happening in the moment. Imagine being lovingly washed over and pure joy rising within in you as you recognize that that is how life is meant to be observed, felt and tasted.

Now what if that experience creates a profound physical wave of gratitude that envelopes you, swirls in and around your entire being while you remain physically, mentally and emotionally engaged, eyes wide open, completely awake and aware.

In this state, you see others truly for who they are, without their stories or their problems because in that moment, you ARE YOU, without your story, without your problems, limitations or fear.

Now imagine that these amazing, uncontrollable chain of experiences trigger your heart to swell as unconditional love, because who you really are is being reflected back at you.

Would that be worth it?

Your life may be calling you, drawing you inward, to move you past what keeps you separated from what is possible. One way to experience all of who you are is to work on the limiting belief patterns and fearful projections of your future because it would free you from the layers of thoughts that block the waves of gratitude, swirls of joy and unconditional love that you are.

Lori Brant is the author of “The Happiness Toolbox: Finding happiness regardless of circumstances,” a motivational speaker, Life Coach and Life Coach trainer who inspires people to tap into their natural state of happiness rather than rely on outside circumstances. For more information about Lori, go to www.LoriBrant.com.

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