The Universe Is Like a Self-Driving Car

Updated: May 28, 2018

I'm not sure who said it first but I have heard references like, "we are not living, but are being lived,"or"we are not doing, but are being done,"and I kind of struggled with the understanding of that. I had a hard time grasping what that looked like when applied to everyday life.

Both statements seem to suggest that we are not in control, but it's hard to believe that we are not making choices, manifesting or making things happen.

It got me thinking that it would be similar to the idea of a self-driving car. Imagine for a second that the Universe is like a self-driving car. It drives on its own, knows where to go and keeps us safe. It gets us where we need to be, on time, perfectly, moment to moment, lovingly supporting us, always. That's our Universe. Perfectly designed and requires no assistance from us, at all, ever. All we have to do is trust the loving Universe and sit back and enjoy the ride. This is our natural state. To just sit back, and notice, moment to moment, the loving perfection of the Universe.

But we don't do that. We grab the wheel and try to control that which can't be controlled. We BELIEVE that we are the one driving the car. We BELIEVE we are choosing what we do, where we go, and believe we are making the maneuvers to keep ourselves safe.

We've got a firm grip on the steering wheel, making it turn left, making it turn right. Sometimes we floor it , pressing the gas pedal as far as it goes, sometimes we coast. Sometimes we slam the breaks hard refusing to budge. We truly believe that our actions are driving the car and are oblivious to the fact that our efforts are not required and have zero impact on our trip.

When our movements line up with the car's movements, it reinforces our idea that we created it, and it feels good. When our movements or plan don't line up with the car's movements we feel sad or disappointed and think we need to go in a different direction, or change our plan.

But all the while we're being driven. Automatically, perfectly, lovingly.

Cleaning up our limiting beliefs, helps us to release our grip on the steering wheel, open us up to trusting the Universe and seeing the gifts in the moment. When we relinquish our illusionary control, we begin see that our path, is the perfect path, our body is the perfect body and our experience is the perfect experience because it is divinely orchestrated to bring us back to who we really are. It's freedom.

We are not driving, but are being driven and our life is designed as the perfect RIDE back to our original state.

Lori Brant is the author of “The Happiness Toolbox: Finding happiness regardless of circumstances,” a motivational speaker, Life Coach and Life Coach trainer who inspires people to tap into their natural state of happiness rather than rely on outside circumstances. For more information about Lori, go to

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