The Best Laid Plans

The best laid plans are just that, plans. When reality matches my plans, and serves it up , I feel happy and satisfied that I manifested what I wanted and feel energized by my perceived movement forward.

However, when I make a plan and try endlessly to make it happen and it doesn't, I can feel depleted, frustrated and disappointed.

I have watched myself flip flop between being disconnected and bringing my awareness to the present moment as I search for a new home. I have this idea or plan that having an accessible home is what I want and need and have spent a year searching for a builder to make it happen but roadblocks, delays, communication issues, paperwork and timing have plagued my path to achieve what I believe I want.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I hear the mantra playing softly that the Universe has a different plan and requires only for me to remain connected and present. I hear it, but persistently, my mind seeks control by filling my thoughts with ways to get a new house built.

I know the frustration is a benchmark that indicates I am investing my conscious attention on an outcome and have disconnected from the present moment. In other words, I am no longer enjoying the process. I am arguing with reality, wanting it to be different than what it is.

I want to change this depleted, frustrated and disappointed state. I can put a smile on, distract myself with things to do but what I really want, is to change my state of being. To change from trying to control reality to enjoying and loving reality, just as it is.

1. Get connected. I need to connect with who I really am, see the gifts in the moment and change my energy.

2. Let go of my attachment to my plan. I made the plan and I need to ask why I want what I want? What will it mean if the plan comes to fruition? Why do I want to build a new house? How will I feel if I build the house?

3. Trust. Trust that all my needs are always taken care of and the Universe always supports me.

If I needed a new home, I would have it and I know I don't need a new home because I don't have one. My frustration therefore, is self induced because I am believing my thoughts that I need a new home when in the moment, I do not.

If I truly believe that there is a Divine plan than whatever is supposed to happen will happen showing up as reality in the moment. My perception of the moment, is what is creating my feelings. If I choose to see reality as perfection, the Divine plan in action, it feels good. If I choose to see reality as not meeting my needs, not as I planned or what I want, it doesn't feel good.

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