Living From A State Of Peace And Calm

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Sitting here, drinking my coffee I realize I am OK, and everything has completely, worked itself out. Every perceived problem, challenge, loss, or fear has resulted in me sitting here, drinking my coffee, perfectly safe, calm, and peaceful.

Isn't that what we all really want? Don't we all, just want to be happy, peaceful and calm? We are so preoccupied with acquiring, doing, achieving, and obtaining that we are not taking the time to ask ourselves why we are doing what we are doing. What is it about the achievements, the things, the activities that we are really trying to get? Are we not all really in the end just trying to feel peace, calm, and happiness?

My question is, "What does work itself out mean for you?"

What's your end game?

Why are you doing what you are doing?

How do you hope feel when you reach your end game?

For me, "working itself out," refers to the natural state of peace, calm and happiness that you experience after you move through a challenge or fear. It's that state of being where the mind is quiet, you are tuned into the person you're talking to, the experience you are having or have an acute awareness of the reactions within you. It's a state of BEing where you are not reflecting on the past or projecting into the future. It's a state where your attention is focussed on what is right in front of you, observing, listening, tuned in, turned on, and tapped into reality, just as it is. It's not reactionary.

Sitting here, drinking my coffee I am tuned into the warmth of the cup, the hum of the fridge and the tick of the clock. I notice some thoughts, but they pass through, not stopping, or garnering attention. This is my reality right now. I'm tuned in, turned on and tapped into my awareness of it. But I could just as easily be talking with a friend, or working with a client. I'm deeply listening, noticing the tone, the physical movements, and registering my responses. I'm not trying to fix, I'm not looking for what's wrong. I'm observing. I am expecting that what is happening, is what absolutely needs to happen for everything to work out. I entertain the perceptions, of how the experience I am having is absolutely necessary for the unfoldment of my future. I trust I am growing, expanding, developing, and contributing exactly what's needed moment to moment. I expect everything is going to work out perfectly so it allows me to let go of the need for control. Instead, I'm more open intuitively, and attentive to my reality in the moment.

It allows to me to DO, from a state of peace, calm and happiness rather than, DO to achieve a state of peace, calm and happiness.

What if we took that wisdom and applied it to the remaining part of our lives? What if we lived each day knowing, trusting and believing that regardless of what appears to be happening outside of us, everything will work itself out?

Try it.

First, notice all the ways you are OK in this moment. Are you clothed? Fed? Breathing? Safe? Keep noticing all the examples of how you are OK in this moment until you start to feel the peace and calm rise within.

Do you feel the change in energy?

Do you feel your muscles relaxing?

Do you feel the letting go of the need to control, to anticipate, to project?

This peace and calm is your natural state and the only thing keeping you from that, are your thoughts about how you need to acquire, do, achieve, and obtain things to feel that way. You already are what you seek, and it's only your thoughts making you believe otherwise.

Lori Brant is an Author, Teacher, ACC Life Coach, and Life Coach Trainer for ICF Life Coach Training approved programs. Learn more by going to

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