Does The Solution Already Exist?

Have you ever heard the expression that, "for every problem the solution already exists?"

Problem or Solution?

I have, and whenever I caught myself perceiving an experience as a problem, I would affirm to myself, "the solution is within my experience," and endeavour to find ways to uncover it. I did this with the intention of remaining aligned, and to keep myself open to the infinite possibilities and solutions that I believed were always available to me.

The more I work with limiting beliefs, however, the more I recognize that problems are only perceptions of neutral experiences and that, every problem can be perceived just as easily as a solution by entertaining a different perception of an experience.

In every moment we have the opportunity to perceive an experience as a problem, or perceive it as a solution. It is our mind that has the habit of judging the moment as bad or good and it is the mind that can be directed to see the solutions rather than the problems. We just need to create a new habit.

When our mind judges life, moment by moment, and creates a perception of what is, does that make the perception true?

What if for every perceived problem, we entertained a different perception by seeing it as the solution? What if we trusted that there are no problems, but only a perception that makes it so?

The solution, then, always exists. Instead of following through with the habit of seeing a problem and finding a solution, we can trust, that in every moment, there is no problem and therefore, no need for a solution. We can create a new habit of choosing to perceive every moment as a gift, as supporting us, and supporting our spiritual evolution.

It is only a limiting belief that makes us believe there is a problem. Perceiving problems draws our awareness outward, and perceiving solutions draws our awareness inward. By questioning our limiting beliefs, we can create a new habit, where we automatically see the solutions before the problem arises and begins to exist.

I believe that for every problem the solution already exists because, problems, are just solutions in disguise.

Lori Brant is the author of, "The Happiness Toolbox: Finding happiness regardless of circumstances," is a Life Coach, Life Coach trainer of ICF approved programs, a Coach mentor, teacher and speaker specializing in identifying and transforming limiting beliefs. Go to to learn more.

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