Do you have a strong foundation?

Are you trying to make fundamental changes and struggling to keep them permanently anchored in your life? Have you set goals, have a clear vision of having what you want, made movements forward but, somehow, stall, frustrated because you can't figure out what is keeping you from obtaining what you want?

Don't underestimate the power of your foundation and its influence on your present day experience.

Your past, the good, bad and the ugly, has created the foundation for how you experience the world today. Consciously and unconsciously, you are interpreting your experience based on your unique foundation formed from your belief system created since the time you were born.

You may have a structurally sound foundation if your default thoughts that spring to your mind on a regular basis are thoughts like, "Everything happens for a reason," "There is a gift in every experience," or, "This too shall pass." When you interpret your experiences through a foundation of positive, supportive and open beliefs, movement toward your goal can appear seamless.

On the other hand, if your go-to-thoughts include, "Why does everything happen to me?" "I never have enough money," or "It doesn't matter what I do," movement towards your goal can seem daunting.

Noticing your thoughts and checking in to see if they are supportive of your goal can be one of the most powerful things you can do to support your movement forward. If you notice an unsupportive belief you can question it, and consciously create an action to challenge its validity.

Unsupportive thought: Why does everything happen to me?

Question it: Does everything happen to me?

Action: Find examples where everything does not happen to me.

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