1 Day, Unleash Your Greatness Workshop

For Resorts, Wellness Centres, and/or Business/Employee Wellness

A condensed version of the three day, Unleash Your Greatness conference that delivers transformational interactive activities to challenge stressful, negative thinking, while providing practical, skills and strategies that attendees can continue to implement in their work, home, and personal relationships.

Employee Wellness
Employees will
  • Learn how to transform stressful thoughts,
  • Empower themselves and those around them
  • Open up to alternate positive perceptions
  • Learn to shift negative experiences
  • Build confidence and much more
  • Reduce absenteeism.

  • Achieve higher employee productivity

  • Reduce workers' compensation and disability-related costs

  • Improve employee morale 

  • Support employee self care and life balance

  • Work with Lori Brant, an educated, dynamic and seasoned facilitator    ...and more

Expand Business Offerings
  • Attract new customers/increase sales
  • Package with other wellness services
  • Workshop is completely organized for you
  • Marketing content provided 
  • Balance/wellness/self-care focussed
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Educated, dynamic and seasoned facilitator
       ...and more

Workshop Cost:



  • Materials, hand outs, activities

  • Facilitator and Event organizer

  • Interactive, empowering and professionally delivered program

  • Sound system


To be supplied by purchaser:

  • Screen

  • Travel expenses outside Niagara Region

What will attendees learn?


• Participate in hands on, exploratory activities that are individually focussed

• Emerge yourself in self-discovery, self-reflection, and contemplation.

• Learn how loving yourself completely comes from disengaging from the mind’s projections

• Practice using the senses to recognize limiting beliefs

• Observe and identify shifts in awareness.

• Observe and identify, emotional, mental, and physical signs and sensations when awareness shifts within you.

• Understand how shifts in awareness determine your experience.

• Understand how you determine how you feel, think act and respond.

• Use empowering positive words, vocal tone, repetition, and enthusiasm to draw awareness inward

• Learn to choose how you think, feel, act and respond.

• Practice moving awareness inward and shifting attention.

• Practice identifying and bringing conscious awareness to negative perceptions or limiting beliefs within you that operate unconsciously.

• Learn how to question and transform limiting beliefs.

• Identify how shifts in awareness dictate reactions and responses.

• Learn to empower your positive beliefs or perceptions.

• Recognize how attachment to thoughts draws you away from your natural state of greatness, peace and calm.

• Recognize the mind’s illusion of lack and how it surfaces in multiple areas of your life if left unchecked

• Meditate

• Practice using meditation in real life to shift your awareness and experience

• Practice meditation to identify, observe and disconnect from stressful streams of thought

• Identify thoughts that draw your awareness outward

• Reflect on how the body reacts to repetitive, stressful thoughts

• Describe the impact of social, cultural, family, gender influences, profession etc. on an individual’s experience

• Differentiate between conscious and unconscious thoughts and beliefs

• Describe the influence of thoughts and beliefs on your response and ability to perceive and experience the present moment

• Describe how the mind predetermines your responses based on your unconscious thoughts and beliefs

• Create a personal list of positive affirmations to replace limited thinking

• Make a plan to execute how you will practice using your personal list of positive affirmations


Lori Brant

Main Facilitator 

Lori Brant is a Teacher, Author of "The Happiness Toolbox," Speaker, ACC Life Coach and Life Coach Trainer and Mentor of ICF approved programs who helps people create a new strategy of tapping into their natural state of inner peace and calm, instead of having to rely on outside circumstances. Lori Brant is passionate about empowering people and supporting them as they challenge their way of thinking and how they move through the world. Lori teaches from experience, knows what works and continually searches for new, easier ways to break down mental and emotional barriers that limit an individual's ability to live from a state of peace. Lori Brant's other credentials include a Bachelor of Psychology, Bachelor of Education, Master of Metaphysics, and a Certified as a Master Spirit Life Coach. Other training includes completion of the Nine Day School of the Work, with Byron Katie, Los Angeles, CA, Primordial Sound Meditation, Chopra University, Carlsbad, CA., Ayurveda, Chopra University, Carlsbad, CA., Reiki Part 1 and 2. Web: www.LoriBrant.comFacebook

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